I’ve had no luck in finding breeding pairs to get myself a Lahatiel, the one dragon that I would accept being a Fire type with orange eyes. Then I looked in my lair and realized I had this guy. I’ve had this guy, I named him Kaelan. But the more I look at him, the more I realize he would be a perfect Lahatiel.

I mean, look at him! The color, the clown pattern. C’mon, clown pattern? I’ll give up silly stripes for a CLOWN color on Lahatiel.



So when I started Flight Rising, I followed the Coliseum guide and trained up a trio of nice, strong Mirror dragons. Well, I don’t like Mirror dragons, I want fluffs. So after putting all that money and work into them, I’m putting more money into them by turning them to Tundras and renaming them.

So here they are, Lazarus, Strahd, and Augustin. Lazarus will no doubt get more scars, and Augustin and Strahd some sort of armor or weapons.



Found another cheap angel! Not quite right, but the eye color was just too perfect to resist. Wasn’t too sold on the original genes I had planned anyway.


Angels come Cheap

So I’ve been trying my best to plot out breeding of dragons for Puriel, Lahatiel, Kushiel, Rogziel, Makatiel, and Samael. Found a few that could potentially, in several weeks, help with those. Rogziel is looking very promising in particular, got a pair that will be available in 19 days. I just need to rent a plague nest to get the eye color. But for the most part it was just very overwhelming.

Meanwhile, I found these for cheap in the Auction House. Pretty close, I think. I’m happy with them, and saves me from two more breeding headaches. Perhaps a little plainer than I had planned on both accounts, but I think Raphael is actually more accurate.


Flight Rising

In lieu of having a computer that can actually play games at the moment, I’ve been playing browser games such as Horse Isle, Valley of Unicorns, and MagiStream to occupy my time.

But now. Oh now. Now I’ve gone and gotten myself into Flight Rising. Finally! I’ve been missing registration windows for months now. So here I am, Garney’s Fire Fluffs!


But of course I chose the fire flight, what else would I be?

And I have plans, oh I have plans…

UniCreatures v2.0

Well, my beloved UniCreatures finally got an update. I’m not sure exactly when I started playing the original, but I have a four digit user code, so apparently pretty darn early. It’s one of those games I just check every hour, it’s always open, always there.

This new verson… I’m not too sure about yet.