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OmniWorldMC: Pets

Omni was testing plugins, so a whole bunch of us decided to be guinea pigs and totally slack on our various projects to have some fun instead.

OmniWorldMC: Skyblock Round 5

Still a little upset about not getting a chance to record the last round, I made sure to squeeze in time for this round.

This was a pvp on round. Definitely my least favorite. Big teams is awful, but I can always choose to play alone. I probably won’t win that way, but playing to me isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun.

This round I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed building, and I managed to get up to master challenges despite it being pvp. Not too bad, if I say so myself. I got some screenshots…

…and two YouTube videos of the island.

Blizzard0508 won this round, way to go, Blizz! You can see his beehive like island right beside mine.

OmniWorldMC: YouTube Venture

Inspired by Omnixius and various other youtubers, I decided to have a go at recording one of my own.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of SkyBlock. Mostly on OmniWorld, of course, but here and there on other servers as well just to practice various tricks.