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OmniWorld: Skyblock

So, finally, I shall do a post dedicated to my love of skyblock.

In late August I decided to return to playing Minecraft. At the time there was a new minigame that was quite popular on the OmniWorld server. I resisted for several days since I am not a minigame sort of person, but finally joined. I was not aware that it was a competition that would end when someone won. In fact, I was not aware there were even challenges for several days, or that I could repeat those challenges for several days more.

As such, my first island was mostly about building lovely things I thought I would be able to keep working on.


So another moderator from MorganSMP that I greatly admire, Omnixius, decided to start his own server back in April. As much as we both love Morgan’s and we dedicated a lot of time and effort into it, things had changed. But drama aside, I thought this was a great chance to get out from under some frustration and join him in a fun project.

Well the first thing I did was build a pagoda right next to spawn. And promptly have a super creeper blow it up.

Then I went and found a village in the desert where I could rebuild my Egyptian empire.

Stuff happened, and eventually Omni just gave me my own world to build my Egyptian monstrosity in. Thus, Abydos was born. And has taken over my life.