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MorganSMP: Where have you been?

Well I took a little Minecraft break and played Horse Isle for a few months. Return to my favorite MorganSMP server to find they had skipped into two whole new worlds and they were preparing for a third. Yikes. So after piddling around in the 1.0 world for awhile and making this:


we skipped off to 1.2. Hard mode no less.


I think the admin likes to see us suffer.


So off I went to claim an island way far away, because I tend to build big. The island I found happens to be a mushroom biome, my first encounter with this strange land.

Why are all the cows red? O_O

MorganSMP: Octville

Forgive the rather cheesey name, but I just can’t think of anything better.

Morgan, the admin of this lovely server, has a desire to make the experience as close to singleplayer survival as possible. Thus, he moves the spawns frequently around the wilderness once the last area has been built up too much for that wild survival feel. So here we were on spawn 8.

Now, I started playing during the era of spawn 4 and I am still very much attached to ‘my’ spawn. I journeyed around the other spawns and saw the same ‘spawn-sprawl’ of cobble castles and half creeper bombed houses abandoned but never fixed up. Some of these I try desperately to clean up just for the sake of some order in the chaos.

Generally, older players are discouraged from building at the new spawns. New spawns are for new players. We build a small guest house with donated starter items and then clear out.

Since I built the guest house at spawn 8 I felt obligated to keep it stocked with supplies. I had tried this at spawn 6, to mingle with the newcomers and try to keep an order to things. One day off and it all went to cobble. *sad face*

A large cobble castle went up right at spawn 8. Hideous and terrible. Then the builder was banned, so we had permission to remove it. In its place I built a fountain. Then a path around the fountain. Then a house on that path. Then a new player built beside that, so I built another path, and so on.

And somehow it became a town.

Two views of the residential area from a platform built by another player. A few others built houses in the town, but then I went really crazy and built up a whole ‘town square’ and port off to the west.

MorganSMP: South bank

I went a little plaza crazy to the south of Menkeure’s temple, but they’re just so pretty! I also added two more roadways and a bridge to the south bank, leading into the city. I just couldn’t figure out what to put near to the north bridge, but this seemed like a lovely spot for some noble estates.

Further south there will be more modest homes, and then apartments and a more slum like district near the industrial sector. So many ideas! Thankfully there is a lot of land to the south to expand into, and it is slowly being eaten up by the sand!

MorganSMP: Sphinx

There are no words to adequately describe my frustration with this beast. I was going to place a causeway and temple from Khufu, but then I made this lovely road leading to the north bridge, and that intersected the path the causeway would take anyway. So now I’m stuck with the headless beast.

Sculpting in dirt is much easier than abusing a pick to change and replace and change and replace sandstone, or the other valuable things that will cover the dirt frame. It will be fully colored, or at least that is my plan, as it might have looked in its heyday. This is not a long dead ruin of Egypt, oh no, this is an alive and vibrant area, untouched by time and looters.

The scale bothers me though. The beast might end up bigger just to get the detail on the face that I want, but I don’t have a lot of room to work with. I left myself a little space though, so hopefully any needed increase won’t be too much.

MorganSMP: Khafre

Though I tried to slope the top of this pyramid in something of an older pyramid fashion, it just didn’t look right. So I took off the top twenty layers and rebuilt it. The temple remains unfinished, but at least I finally got the road and mortuary temples built. This pyramid just seems to be plagued with problems.

Also, I was distracted trying to make a fancy well type structure, which turned into something more like a domed, miniature temple.

The pyramid of Khafre viewed from the northeast. The temple complex so far is just hovering over the river with no real support, but no real building to support either. The north bridge can be viewed in the distance.

The interior of the modest well. Right, modest.

MorganSMP: Khufu

The pyramid of Khufu was meant to be the grandest of the three pyramids. Sadly, the sloped design for the pyramid of Khafre failed and I had to make the two of them identical. However, its plazas and satellite structures please me immensely, and I find the entire area beautiful. The mortuary temple is very similar to Menkaure’s, but with the addition of two obelisks. The road leading from Khufu and past Khafre is lined with lush palm trees. The placement of the sphinx unfortunately blocked any sort of causeway this pyramid should have had, though I may end up adding one if the stubborn sphinx doesn’t start behaving and I’m forced to level it. I will also likely build some sort of plaza or temple to the north of Khufu. The view of Khufu from halfway up the slope of Khafre, as well as another view of Menkaure’s temple and the butt of the stubborn sphinx in the far left. The view of Khufu’s plaza from the sphinx’s back. My nearest neighbor’s gravity defying house can be seen past Khafre to the north. We jokingly refer to him as theĀ Hittites.