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Hollow World

Did I mention a love/hate relationship with this server? Well the hate seems to be winning.

I have pretty much decided to give up on this server, for a number of reasons. Not that it isn’t a lovely server with a promise for great RP, because it is. A lot of things just rub me the wrong way.

First, there’s the map reset for 1.8. Yes this is a beta game and updates are going to cause issues, I just like a sense of permanence and stability. I have enough chaos in my real life, I don’t need the constant fear that the next update is going to set me back to nothing.

Second, the town Queen I had been living under before decided to go a new direction after the map wipe. I loved the first concept, I thought it was gorgeous and I was excited to help. I really tried to help with the new town and fit what she wanted. I’m not a big fan of working in stone, but I tried.

Related to that, I just kept butting heads with the other residents. I would work very hard on something, spend all day gathering materials or leveling ground, and they would come in and critique my build or sell what I had gathered for the town use.

Third, they promoted me to moderator. Why is this a bad thing? Well, I already moderate on another server. I wanted this server to be my respite, my vacation where I could RP a little bit and unwind. They use mod tools I’m unfamiliar with, but no one bothered to educate me on them and it wasn’t a few minutes before users wanted me to do mod things I didn’t know how to do.

Lastly, more teleports without my permission. It really isn’t that hard to ask – we were also on teamspeak at the time so it wouldn’t even involve typing – and it demonstrates a complete lack of respect.

So sorry to all my friends on Hollow World, but I won’t be returning.