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Samael and Hutriel

Samael was all a matter of waiting, since obsidian is a fairly popular color among breeders. I just had to snatch up a cheap hatchling and flip it to Tundra, woot! And Hutriel didn’t have any further scheme beyond being a water elemental, so I found someone lovely who seemed Hutriel enough to me and went with him.




Finding a peacock colored dragon was surprisingly difficult. I would have thought someone would have bred hundreds already. It was a little easier once I flipped the color scheme around though. He’s still gorgeous, either way, even as a female.



Finally! A Rogzi without waiting weeks for a potentially not-Rogzi breeding! Lacking the darker areas and most of the brown, but the concept is there, maroon and subtly mottled. This is a good Rogzi.



Leliel wasn’t all that difficult to find once I relaxed my requirements. He’s a little dark of body, but he is the angel of the night, so I’m fine with this. He looks amazing.



Started to get a little frustrated, particularly with the more spectrum like ones like Sariel and Sachiel. Plain of body, these guys have brilliant wings in a near rainbow gradient. Not easy to find on dragons. This is close enough though. Sachiel is meant to be dark grey with startling color wings, and this works.



This one cost me a pretty penny, but I expected he would. He is Michael, after all. He has to be the best and brightest and most shiny. And that he is.


Three More Angels

I spent all day in the Auction House, but it was worth it! After I had found possible cheap parents for a Puriel attempt, I found Puriel himself instead! Yay for not needing to rent a nest from someone and talking to people. Blah, social things. And this one is better because I forgot Puriel has freckles, so there’s freckles!

Sariel isn’t nearly as fancy as I had planned, but oh well. He’s cute and I love him.

And Shoftiel hadn’t had a plan at all, other than purpley orangey brownish freckles. So yay, freckles!





I’ve had no luck in finding breeding pairs to get myself a Lahatiel, the one dragon that I would accept being a Fire type with orange eyes. Then I looked in my lair and realized I had this guy. I’ve had this guy, I named him Kaelan. But the more I look at him, the more I realize he would be a perfect Lahatiel.

I mean, look at him! The color, the clown pattern. C’mon, clown pattern? I’ll give up silly stripes for a CLOWN color on Lahatiel.



So when I started Flight Rising, I followed the Coliseum guide and trained up a trio of nice, strong Mirror dragons. Well, I don’t like Mirror dragons, I want fluffs. So after putting all that money and work into them, I’m putting more money into them by turning them to Tundras and renaming them.

So here they are, Lazarus, Strahd, and Augustin. Lazarus will no doubt get more scars, and Augustin and Strahd some sort of armor or weapons.



Found another cheap angel! Not quite right, but the eye color was just too perfect to resist. Wasn’t too sold on the original genes I had planned anyway.