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OmniBigDig – Farming and Fluids Galore!

When you’ve already built all of this once before, it’s pretty fast to make it again, so yeah. A lot of progress without much recording. But if you want me to cover a certain thing, just let me know and I’ll shoot more of that.

Lazy lazy lazy…

I am truly terrible at updating this blog when things actually happen in game. I take screenshots or video, upload those, but then never update the blog with corresponding explanations. So I just have a gallery full of wonderful things. And with my failing memory sometimes images just aren’t enough.

Some examples from the OmniWorld Big Dig server:

Omni BigDig

So after my obsession with SkyBlock comes an obsession with Big Dig. Omni set up a small temporary server for us to play around on. So a few of us teamed up, and of course I jumped into the chance to work with Omni on his industrial park project.

But I naturally went for the farming aspect. Specifically: chocobos…






and bees.