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Three Masted Frigate

Cheated a bit with my big boat and built it mostly on land, digging it out. Going to dig out this section of land anyway and make a proper ocean channel.

This ship has two lower decks, one of which is underwater, so it sits four blocks beneath the surface and six above, plus the fore and aft sections. It is eleven blocks wide at the center and roughly forty blocks long. It also gobbled up about five stacks of wool, so yay, all that sheep abuse was useful!

More ships

Built two new sailing ships as I would like to have a nice, busy harbor next to my lighthouse and castle. Further expansion will definitely be toward the other side.

Didn’t get screens of the other ship. It’s just a small sail boat parked around the other side of the lighthouse, like a personal vessel. These guys are the royal fleet.

Want to build a seriously huge three masted frigate, but ugh, where to put it?