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OmniWorldMC: Pets

Omni was testing plugins, so a whole bunch of us decided to be guinea pigs and totally slack on our various projects to have some fun instead.

Black Pegasus

My breeding project is a success!

I had pretty good luck, three tries on the first gen (black x uni) and then one try on the second (pack x black) and third (nightmare x pegasus) generations.

Horse Breeding

After much trial and tribulation with the bunnies, I finally got my horse breeding set up.

Of course I had to completely redo the stable to actually fit horses because I had had no idea they needed two spaces wide and three tall, so my stable actually only has ten stalls, oops.

Then I had to make a separate breeding shed type thing, and surround the whole lot with gravel – because new horses kept spawning on the grass. Yay gravel is useful for something? With that fenced off and the breeders having the needed room to breed…

Ta-da! A baby nightmare! Who will hopefully soon produce a black pegasus.

I seriously need to find some pumpkins.

The Trouble with Tribbles


So I¬†decided to be brave and install a couple mods. Most importantly, the MoCreatures mod which includes horses. This worked for all of about ten minutes and I was quite delighted with the deer and such, but especially the horses because I’m a horse fanatic.

And then all hell broke loose. The bunnies began breeding faster than I could kill them off until there was nothing BUT bunnies. There was no room for anything else to spawn and bunnies were spreading across my entire continent.

Finally I just installed a single player command mod and did killall bunny… and it killed something like 359 bunnies. And that was after spending hours killing them by hand and cactus trap.

No more bunnies. Ever.