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Speed Racer

Son and daughter were arguing in the living room. Just a light argument, mostly joking, not a full on fight so I left it alone. Kids need to learn to work out their disagreements themselves. It’s practice for adult disagreements.

However, my son made one response that was basically just a ‘no, you!’ sort of retort.

And I shouted from my bedroom, “Get that weak shit out of my house!”

I make a lot of movie references, and we had just watched Speed Racer the week before.

My son immediately caught the reference and started laughing. But my daughter was bewildered. So I explain, I’ve watched too much Speed Racer lately, don’t mind me.

Daughter went on the defensive, “Well of course he would understand, all he does is play video games and watch movies.”

I reply, “You just described ME.”

“No, mom, you forget everything.”


Sad thing; she is right.


My daughter calls me her MineCraftMom. This is apparently different from any other sort of Mom out there.

She describes a ‘normal’ Mom as someone skinny who nags after her to actually follow the rules, do her chores, and be a perfect little darling daughter.

So apparently I’m fat and lazy? All right, then. Honestly I wouldn’t want to be the Mom she describes either.

She insists that I should interject in my MineCraft ramblings a bit about the fact that I am a MineCraftMom. I find our interactions to be rather hilarious, so I’m going to do just that, make posts about crazy things we say or do as a family.

I will not refer to my children using their full real names for their protection. My son, age 16, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and nonverbal until the age of 5. He is a bright kid who loves video games, but naturally shies away from social situations. My daughter, age 15, is the exact opposite. She has never stopped talking or making friends. She has made more friends this year than I have ever made in my lifetime. She is musically inclined, an excellent cook, a brilliant writer, and an all around amazing girl.

I had a mind once, then I had children.

Welcome to my family.