Hollow World

Ahh, I have a love-hate relationship with this server.

The loves – my friends from MorganSMP have wandered over here, bettyjuggs, Fr3aked, and mpifire. This server has the Wurkit plugin, which earns you currency for mining and tree cutting. The place is gorgeous. Seriously, absolutely stunning builds all in the medieval theme, with a roleplaying aspect to the whole thing. And did I mention gorgeous?

The hates – the theme might be a little too restrictive. Looking from town to town, most of them look the same. Then again, MC still has only so many blocks, and only so many ways can you make that look medieval. Upon my joining they had just shut down new towns, so I couldn’t bring my village idea over here. Then again, it probably wasn’t medieval anyway. There is also a strong push to donate real life money to this server, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time I see it.

The biggest hate is probably the way a few of the moderators behave. During my first several days they were constantly around, mostly invisible but bumping into m

e and shutting doors, always flying here and there. Some of them even teleported me to different places without my permission. That right there seriously pisses me off. It’s just disrespectful!

But I allow that it might just be a personality conflict, so I keep giving the server one more chance, then one more, and another. I rather like the little house I’ve constructed, and all the work I put into my roleplay profile.

My house on the outskirts of Aeglironion, the elf town. It is something of a farming villa complete with orchard, garden, stable, and gazebo. I would like to add a windmill and a boat dock eventually.

The interior sitting room. The bedroom is a single room, loft style, overlooking this view.

The stable and windmill, which was the last thing I built before the admins decided to wipe the map for the 1.8 release, sigh.

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