Feeling frustrated with my super-project, I wandered to another server

– http://www.ultimateminecraft.net/ –

which has a rather different way of doing things.

In addition to griefer protection, they have an entire world dedicated to new players. Guests are allowed to build in this world while waiting to become members, but this world gets a weekly reset back to default.

This fact alone put me off. I like my builds to last, not to waste several days doing something that will only be leveled in the end. However, they have the mcmmo plugin which has levels and skills for mining, farming, and chopping wood. So I gave it a try and built a modest house, tore it down, and built another house.


2011-08-26_13_09_38This is what I had completed when finally I became so frustrated with the community that I had to leave. I was told as a guest that I had no right to speak, though I was just making a joke and trying to help. No one stepped in to correct a pair of very rude players who were rather abusive to guests. I really don’t want to put time and effort into a place where this rank elitism is allowed to exist.

2011-08-26_13_09_28It is a large community with a small aspect of roleplay. So if you have thicker skin than I do, this server might be for you.




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