MorganSMP: Matsuro Village

I’ve hesitated to put up a post about this project given that it isn’t complete. But then again, when is anything I build ever completed?

This village exists way out in the middle of nowhere for that remote oriental village feel. Yes, I stole the building design from myself and modified the temple look to suit the houses.

View as you come in from the east. I had a vision to place a massive gate of some sort along this path, but ultimately it is just all ocean, and I think the view is passage enough.


This is the view from the western cliff where a derelict temple is going to sit. You can see the new, high class temple in the distance, plus several of the houses and the reed farm below.

A view of the village square from atop the jail, which is dug into the side of the mountain. To the right is the courthouse, center is the municipal building with mayor’s office and tax offices, and to the left just out of sight is the hotel.

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