OmniWorld: Skyblock

So, finally, I shall do a post dedicated to my love of skyblock.

In late August I decided to return to playing Minecraft. At the time there was a new minigame that was quite popular on the OmniWorld server. I resisted for several days since I am not a minigame sort of person, but finally joined. I was not aware that it was a competition that would end when someone won. In fact, I was not aware there were even challenges for several days, or that I could repeat those challenges for several days more.

As such, my first island was mostly about building lovely things I thought I would be able to keep working on.

So I was building a rather large pagoda over what was to be a nice little village. That cobble box to the left is my mob grinder, an ugly thing.

I didn’t accomplish much, thinking I had much more time. My island was only level 143 and I only ended with enough worthwhile resources to fit comfortably in my inventory.

So, after a week of the wonderful Skyblock I had only just been introduced to, the game reset. But this time they changed the rules. This time it was PVP on. As much as I loathe PVP, I was quite in love with SkyBlock, and did my best to just stay to myself and build.

I lived in a horrible cobble box that was meant to protect me from other players, and I worked very hard on it. Then the admin changed the rules; no safe area larger than the starting hut. Changing the rules in the middle of the game upset me very much, and I didn’t really try to play much after that. My island only reached level 149, mostly because the island area that was counted for levels was actually quite small, and I had been building beyond it rather than in it.

I had hope for the next reset, but once again it was not the adorable little Skyblock game I had first fallen in love with. This was a big team Skyblock, teams of up to ten players working together. The two prior rounds of Skyblock had only had 7 to 10 players in the entire game, so this did not make a lot of sense.

All those players formed together on the same team. I also joined the team for a time, but it felt wrong. Nothing I did seemed to matter. Everything I built was changed during the time I was logged out, or didn’t matter because nine other people could contribute far more than I could.

So I started my own island, and just tried to enjoy building instead. Even if the starting castle was a smooth brick monstrosity. I tried to work with the theme I was given. And naturally I tried to make a village around that central castle.

A new round of Skyblock is set to open soon, but I’m not too hopeful about it. Besides, I have BigDig, and I love my bees.

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