Lazy lazy lazy…

I am truly terrible at updating this blog when things actually happen in game. I take screenshots or video, upload those, but then never update the blog with corresponding explanations. So I just have a gallery full of wonderful things. And with my failing memory sometimes images just aren’t enough.

Some examples from the OmniWorld Big Dig server:

The Great Chocobo Slaughter of September 19th. A bug in the chocobo breeding caused my one green baby to multiply into approximately 7,000 green adults when he grew up. The server was almost unplayable due to lag. Omni went after them with rockets and nukes of all types, trying to use biological warfare, fire, anything to kill them off.






My trip to space, and absolutely memorable response, on September 24th. Our trips to space have two videos on my YouTube channel: RocketMan and RocketWoman






My breeding of a gold chocobo on September 25th






And defeating the Ender Dragon for the very first time, alone, on October 4th



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