<NightRageGwS> Crap.. taking mulriple trees to level now t.t
<omnixius> why do I like the word mulriple?
<NightRageGwS> Hey omnomni x3
<moonshadowxv> lol
<GarnetBelial> mulriple XD
<Rage_King35> Sounds like the codename for a mass murderer
<Rage_King35> *gruff voice* I’ve encountered him before.. he’s known as the… mulriple…
<NightRageGwS> that’s how moon gets her saddles.
<moonshadowxv> Eh?
<NightRageGwS> Hires Mulriple to kill them and take the saddles x3
<Rage_King35> Oh, you’re dead now, Night. You’ve drawn her attention.
<NightRageGwS> so scared 😀
<moonshadowxv> I can hire Muriples to kill you?
<NightRageGwS> Totally should name an iron golem that.
<Rage_King35> Mother of God. I’ve made this a thing.
<NightRageGwS> It was my thing.
<Rage_King35> I made it into another, the one you’re using. >.>
<NightRageGwS> well it started from my wood
<moonshadowxv> ew what
<GarnetBelial> No no, stop that.
<NightRageGwS> Logs!
<NightRageGwS> -.-
<GarnetBelial> Worse.
<Rage_King35> *shakes head slowly*
<NightRageGwS> … Woodcutting profession?
<moonshadowxv> I’m crying XD
<NightRageGwS> I hate you all x3

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