Speed Racer

Son and daughter were arguing in the living room. Just a light argument, mostly joking, not a full on fight so I left it alone. Kids need to learn to work out their disagreements themselves. It’s practice for adult disagreements.

However, my son made one response that was basically just a ‘no, you!’ sort of retort.

And I shouted from my bedroom, “Get that weak shit out of my house!”

I make a lot of movie references, and we had just watched Speed Racer the week before.

My son immediately caught the reference and started laughing. But my daughter was bewildered. So I explain, I’ve watched too much Speed Racer lately, don’t mind me.

Daughter went on the defensive, “Well of course he would understand, all he does is play video games and watch movies.”

I reply, “You just described ME.”

“No, mom, you forget everything.”


Sad thing; she is right.

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