Flashback: MorganSMP 1.2

So a lot happened in the last year and a half since I forgot I had this blog. I’ve kept the gallery updated though, so at least that’s something?

After the Mushroom island of 1.2, I ventured off to find a village in the desert. I attempted to make something of a call back to Octeville in sandstone, but with villagers instead of new players who would destroy all my hard work. And here is where I fell in love with villagers.

Frustrated with a lack of sandstone variety, I ventured a little bit south to fall back on my more oriental themed buildings, stealing a few villagers to seed another one.

This was meant to be the elemental village of fire, each village having its own element and color scheme, but I never got much past these two before other things happened. It was, however, a great plaza sort of area that I would like to rebuild somewhere. The admin was kind enough to allow me to download this world map and the world where my Egypt project resides, so I have them safe and sound.

Video tour of the village.

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