MorganSMP: Octville

Forgive the rather cheesey name, but I just can’t think of anything better.

Morgan, the admin of this lovely server, has a desire to make the experience as close to singleplayer survival as possible. Thus, he moves the spawns frequently around the wilderness once the last area has been built up too much for that wild survival feel. So here we were on spawn 8.

Now, I started playing during the era of spawn 4 and I am still very much attached to ‘my’ spawn. I journeyed around the other spawns and saw the same ‘spawn-sprawl’ of cobble castles and half creeper bombed houses abandoned but never fixed up. Some of these I try desperately to clean up just for the sake of some order in the chaos.

Generally, older players are discouraged from building at the new spawns. New spawns are for new players. We build a small guest house with donated starter items and then clear out.

Since I built the guest house at spawn 8 I felt obligated to keep it stocked with supplies. I had tried this at spawn 6, to mingle with the newcomers and try to keep an order to things. One day off and it all went to cobble. *sad face*

A large cobble castle went up right at spawn 8. Hideous and terrible. Then the builder was banned, so we had permission to remove it. In its place I built a fountain. Then a path around the fountain. Then a house on that path. Then a new player built beside that, so I built another path, and so on.

And somehow it became a town.

Two views of the residential area from a platform built by another player. A few others built houses in the town, but then I went really crazy and built up a whole ‘town square’ and port off to the west.

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