MorganSMP: Khufu

The pyramid of Khufu was meant to be the grandest of the three pyramids. Sadly, the sloped design for the pyramid of Khafre failed and I had to make the two of them identical. However, its plazas and satellite structures please me immensely, and I find the entire area beautiful. The mortuary temple is very similar to Menkaure’s, but with the addition of two obelisks. The road leading from Khufu and past Khafre is lined with lush palm trees. The placement of the sphinx unfortunately blocked any sort of causeway this pyramid should have had, though I may end up adding one if the stubborn sphinx doesn’t start behaving and I’m forced to level it. I will also likely build some sort of plaza or temple to the north of Khufu. The view of Khufu from halfway up the slope of Khafre, as well as another view of Menkaure’s temple and the butt of the stubborn sphinx in the far left. The view of Khufu’s plaza from the sphinx’s back. My nearest neighbor’s gravity defying house can be seen past Khafre to the north. We jokingly refer to him as the Hittites.

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